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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

June 6, 2001



At 4:10 p.m., Chairperson Terry Skibby called the meeting to order at Pioneer Hall. Members present were Terry Skibby, Dale Shostrom, Kay Maser, Gary Foll, Jay Leighton, Bob Meiser, Joan Steele, Rob Saladoff and Keith Chambers (who arrived at 5:00). Also present were Associate Planner Mark Knox and Secretary Sonja Akerman. No members were absent.


Leighton moved and Foll seconded to approve the minutes of the April 4, 2001 meeting as submitted. The motion was unanimously passed.


Planning Action 2001-043
Conditional Use Permit and Site Review
125 Third Street
Patricia Lorenz

Knox reported this application is a proposal to operate a one-unit travelers' accommodation, however, Staff is asking for a continuance or a withdrawal. In May it was administratively approved, but called up for a public hearing by Philip Lang. While researching the proposal, Staff discovered the property is more than 200 feet from a collector or arterial street, which is one of the requirements for approval. If the applicant decides to go ahead with the application, a Variance will also be involved. Knox explained that about three months ago, property owner Mary Nelke (who is the applicant's sister and owns Second Street Cottage) was granted a building permit to remodel the garage on this property. Shortly after, she and her sister (as business owner) decided they wanted to build a one-unit travelers' accommodation where the garage now stands. The single story main house is in the front of the property, the proposed unit in the rear. The property has been landscaped and a parking space has been added off the alley. The proposed 574 square foot unit is similar in design to the front house, and would have one bedroom and one bathroom. Knox noted the applicant was not present.

Skibby opened the public hearing and Philip Lang, 758 "B" Street, stated he owns 13 affordable units in the Railroad District and is committed to affordable housing in Ashland. He said he has nothing against the applicant and does not know her. He called this application up for a public hearing because he questions whether or not this proposal meets the requirements of the Land Use Ordinance. Specifically, he wonders if the accommodation has had a health department inspection and if owner-occupancy has been verified. Secondly, he questions if the requirements for all previously approved travelers' accommodations are initially enforced and are being enforced on a regular methodical basis. Thirdly, applications such as this destroy affordable housing in Ashland. In Lang's opinion, the City has "immediately, directly, and effectively decreased the availability of affordable housing units by allowing their conversion into travelers' accommodations." Skibby closed the public hearing, as there was no one else present who wished to speak.

Steele moved and Foll seconded to recommend a continuance of this application because at this time, no one is sure if the application will be withdrawn or amended to include the Variance. The motion was unanimously passed.

Planning Action 2001-047
Site Review
269 Maple Street
Ashland Orthopedic Association

Knox related there is an easement issue between this property and an adjacent one so it may be appealed. In case it is not appealed, he wanted the Commission to review it. This request is for a 3,000 square foot addition onto an existing medical building, which will be two stories and equipped with an elevator. The design of the addition is compatible with the existing building, as are the proposed materials. Staff feels the design and volume of the addition are compatible, noting the low roof line pitch, gable, and location away from the street. He also stated the large tree has been determined to be unhealthy by a certified arborist and will be removed. This will allow the footprint of the addition to encroach in the area where the tree is now located. A new tree will be planted in the vicinity.

Diane Claypool spoke on behalf of the Ashland Orthopedic Association. She stated careful attention was made to the existing building and roofline in determining the design of the addition. Skibby asked what year the building was constructed and Claypool responded it was 1978. She also said the landscaping will not be impacted except in the location of the new addition, where the large tree and cotony easter will be removed. However, she noted there will be more landscaping installed and one or two trees planted. Also, she said the retaining wall will be removed in order to lower the base of the structure.

Saladoff noted there are differences between the elevations and the floor plan in the drawings that were submitted. Knox said he will add a condition to make sure the building plans are in substantial compliance with the elevations that have been submitted because that is what the approval is based upon. Saladoff concurred and said if the elevations are accurate, the design looks good. There is a nice patterning of windows, the addition is sympathetic with the existing building and similar materials will be used. Maser agreed the design looks good. Shostrom's only concern was the inaccuracy of the floor plan. Steele, Foll and Leighton had nothing more to add. Meiser stated the percentage of the addition in relation to the existing building is quite large, and with a public building such as this, more details are needed. Otherwise, he feels the addition is fine. Since the elevations don't match the floor plans, Skibby received verification that the Commission is approving the elevations that were submitted.

Leighton moved to recommend approval of this application to the Planning Commission with the staff condition Knox offered to add as noted above. With a second by Foll, the motion was unanimously approved.

Planning Action 2001-052
Conditional Use Permit and Site Review
39 Fourth Street
Jean Moseley

Knox stated this application is for a Conditional Use Permit and Site Review for a second residential unit across the alley from Rogue Federal Credit Union. The applicant's architect has met with the Review Board and has been diligent on the recommendations with the design. The existing building is non-conforming in that it encroaches into the public right-of-way of the alley. The proposed structure will be built more to the north, and while it will not be totally conforming to the required setbacks, it will be substantially more compliant than the existing building. It will be 546 square feet with a single car garage. The design will face the interior of the lot. Staff believes all criteria have been met.

Steele related she had received comments from someone who was not able to attend the meeting. Martha McIntyre lives in the neighborhood and had told Steele the map was inaccurate, as there is now a one bedroom accessory unit on the property adjacent to this property that was not depicted on the notice map. McIntyre is worried about parking in an already very congested area. Steele said McIntyre's point is that accurate maps are necessary in making land use decisions. Knox responded that the Commission does not make decisions based on the notice map, but rather information on massing, scale and design submitted by the applicant. The City tries to provide the best information possible on the notices. Because aerial photographs of the City cannot be continually updated with the issuance of every building permit, it is not feasible to have completely reliable up-to-date notice maps.

(Chambers arrived at this time.)

Saladoff asked if there would be design requirements for the alley elevation and Knox replied there are none for accessory structures. Shostrom expressed his appreciation to the applicant about responding to Historic Commission concerns. Saladoff asked architect Alan Krutcher why there were no windows on the alley side and Krutcher replied it is mainly a privacy issue, especially at night when cars park at the ATM machine with lights on.

Meiser said he had nothing more to add other than he is happy with the design. Foll said there is a good balance in the design and also that he appreciates the architect's willingness to work with the Commission. Leighton stated the proposed structure keeps the non-symmetry of the alley and that is nice. Chambers commented this is a nice project, as did Shostrom, Steele, Maser and Meiser.

Foll moved to recommend approval of this planning action to the Planning Commission and Maser seconded the motion. It passed with a unanimous vote.


Review Board - Following is the June schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:

June 7

Skibby, Chambers and Meiser

June 14

Skibby, Maser, Saladoff and Shostrom

June 21

Skibby, Steele and Maser

June 28

Skibby, Foll and Leighton


Project Assignments for Planning Actions

PA #99-108

340 Oak Street


PA #2000-039

410 Siskiyou Boulevard


PA #2000-052

220 Fourth Street


PA #2000-074

15 South Pioneer Street


PA #2000-095

181 Morse Avenue


PA #2000-098

50 Sixth Street


PA #2000-106

239 Oak Street


PA #2000-107

House Move to Laurel Street


PA #2000-108

552 "A" Street


PA #2000-124

51 Winburn Way


PA #2001-011

130 Helman Street


PA #2001-019

521 North Main Street


PA #2001-021

215 Scenic Drive


PA #2000-120

485 "A" Street


PA #2001-042

472 Scenic Drive


PA #2001-029

455 Siskiyou Boulevard


PA #2001-047

269 Maple Street


PA #2001-052

39 Fourth Street


National Historic Preservation Week ` May 13-19 - Leighton reported she had placed exhibits in the schools and received very favorable responses from the office personnel. These displays will be made available for future educational purposes. She also noted she had been a judge for Jacksonville's first awards and said it was fun to listen and comment on the nominations. She stated that although she thought the Ashland awards went to the appropriate winners, in the future, it would be best to discuss each nomination more thoroughly. The Commission agreed and commented it might be better to meet before the regular meeting begins in order to have more time to discuss and vote. Maser said it was very helpful to have the recent photographs Skibby took of the nominations when the decisions were made. The Commission decided to begin discussion next January on better ways to solicit nominations, on the best way to discuss the nominations, and on how to vote for the winners. Skibby noted he had around a dozen people on each tour.

Historical markers for the old dam sites that were recently removed in Lithia Park - Skibby reported that Parks Commissioner Jim Lewis had proposed markers for these sites and tried to get them on the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan for the Parks Commission, but was unsuccessful. He did, however, get the Golden Spike on the Plan. Lewis has said that the Historic Commission needs to discuss the markers, then take a proposal to a Parks Commission meeting. This will be discussed again at the next meeting.

Historic Cemeteries Plan - Since the full Commission is in agreement that it is necessary to officially adopt the Historic Cemeteries Plan and Preservation Guidelines, Staff will draft a letter for Skibby to sign, then forward it to the City Council.


June 5 Meeting Regarding Siskiyou-Hargadine Historic District National Register Meeting - Knox reported there were about 34 people from the Siskiyou-Hargadine Historic District in attendance. All were in support of the nomination. He stated these property owners were very gracious to the Historic Commission for its endorsement of the nomination. Preservation Consultant George Kramer will be submitting the final draft to the State Historic Preservation Office soon. Knox also noted the Skidmore-Academy District will be actually placed on the National Register of Historic Places within a week. Steele thanked Knox for all the work he has done on getting Ashland's four historic districts placed on the National Register.

Travel Itinerary for National Register Web Site - Steele reported that thanks to Chambers, Mayor Alan DeBoer has signed a letter that will be forwarded to the National Park Service for inclusion in the web site.


There will be a brown bag seminar on seismic retrofitting of historic structures on June 29 at the Old City Hall in Jacksonville at noon. Terry Malone, of Marquess & Associates Engineering will be the featured speaker. (NOTE: On June 15, this seminar was rescheduled for Friday, July 20.)

The Commission was reminded the July meeting has been set for Tuesday, July 3.


With a motion by Steele and second by Maser, it was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 p.m.






The Commission reconvened at 6:00 p.m. in Lithia Park. Community Development Director John McLaughlin spoke to the members about the Planning process, especially for large public applications. He discussed with the Commission what is involved and who is involved in these projects. He stated that while the Planning Commission and City Council do not always approve or deny applications based on Historic Commission recommendations, it is important to remember the Historic Commission is well respected for its expertise in historic preservation. At times, other factors that affect the City must also be taken into consideration. Discussion ensued regarding the effectiveness of the Commission. McLaughlin commended the Commission for all its work.

At 7:00, the Commission moved to the Community Center and elected new officers. Shostrom will be the Chairperson for the next year and Chambers will be Vice-Chair. The Commission then began a discussion on goals. Goal setting will remain on the agenda for the next two months.

This meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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