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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2010


Elks Lodge, 255 E Main Street, 2nd Floor, Mezzanine




Historic Commissioners Present: Terry Skibby, Keith Swink, Sam Whitford, Allison Renwick, Henry Baker, Tom Giordano

Commission Members Absent: Dale Shostrom, Alex Krach

Council Liaison: Russ Sibilger

High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Planner: Derek Severson; Clerk: Billie Boswell


Because Chairman Shostrom was absent, Vice-Chair Skibby chaired the meeting.


ELKS LODGE TOUR – Pete and Christine Belcastro and Chris Garcia conducted a tour of the Elks Lodge pointing out many of the historic features and furnishings.




Mr. Whitford moved to approve the May 5, 2010 minutes as presented and the motion was seconded by Mr. Swink. Mr. Giordano abstained due to being absent. The minutes were approved unanimously by the remaining Commissioners. 


PUBLIC FORUM:   There being no one wishing to speak, Vice-Chairman Skibby closed the Public Forum.


COUNCIL LIAISON’S REPORT:  Mr. Sibilger had no report.  Vice-Chair Skibby asked about the annual report of Historic Commission goals to the City Council.  Mr. Sibilger said they used to be once a year but had not been a priority lately.  However, the Commission was welcome to report periodically.  Mr. Severson suggested promoting an event such as the Historic Preservation week at the early May Council Meeting in order to gain the television exposure.  Mr. Sibilger mentioned the revised ordinance that is on the agenda to be discussed later.




PLANNING ACTION:         2010-00486          

SUBJECT PROPERTY:     820 C Street

APPLICANT:                      Randall and Helen Ellison

DESCRIPTION:  A request for a Variance to reduce the allowed setbacks for an accessory structure. The applicant proposes a detached garage/shed to be located on the westside of the existing home 45 feet from C Street and six (6) feet from the existing historic contributing structure. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION:  Low Density Multi-family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP #: 39 1E 09AC; TAX LOT: 9700


Vice-Chair Skibby disclosed that he had talked to the applicants but had not discussed the project.  There were no other ex parte contacts or conflicts of interest.


Mr. Severson explained that applicants wanted a variance to build a detached garage/shed at a reduced setback closer than 10 feet to the main house and within fifty feet of the street.  The structure will be set ten feet back from the front of the existing home.  He pointed out that C Street is a 70-foot wide right-of-way.  Ms. Renwick and Mr. Whitford felt the structure would enhance the appearance.  Mr. Ellison explained the main house was moved in order to allow the house next door to be built.  There were no other out-buildings on the property.  Mr. Giordano asked about the driveway material and the Ellisons said it would be cobblestone.  They also described the trim and details on the garage would match the house including the sunbursts on the gables.


There being no further questions and no one in the audience wishing to speak, the public hearing was closed.



Mr. Whitford made a motion to recommend approval of the project as presented.  Mr. Baker seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.



PLANNING ACTIONS:      2010-00570                         

SUBJECT PROPERTY:     300 Vista Street

APPLICANT:                      Joanne Krippaehne, Madrona  Architecture, LLC

DESCRIPTION:  A request for a Conditional Use Permit to Exceed the Maximum Permitted Floor Area (MPFA) within a historic district to add an elevator shaft with a 42 square foot footprint to the existing home at 300 Vista Street.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION:  Single Family Residential; ZONING: R-1-7.5; ASSESSOR’S MAP #: 39 1E 09 BD; TAX LOT: 5800


Vice-Chairman Skibby verified that there were no exparte contacts or conflicts of interest.  The proposal had been reviewed at a previous meeting of the Historic Review Board.


Mr. Severson explained that the new floor space was only 42 square feet and was considered potential living area, and thus subject to the maximum permitted floor area (MPFA) regulations.  The total floor area was still less than the 25% overage of the MPFA allowed by the Conditional Use Permit after excluding those areas with less than 7 feet of headroom.  Mr. Giordano asked how it was calculated and Mr. Severson said the basement area was exempt and only the upper floor areas were used.  Mr. Giordano questioned the offset roof ridge design and said he would prefer if it were centered over the elevator shaft.


There were no further questions and there was no one in the audience to speak so Vice-Chairman Skibby closed the public meeting.


Mr. Swink felt that replacing the existing windows with wood-sash, double-hung windows would be the most desirable.  Ms. Renwick would like to see the front door changed out to make it more architecturally compatible. 


Mr. Giordano made a motion to recommend approval with the condition that roof ridge be lowered and centered above the elevator.  Mr. Baker seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.



A.  Historic Preservation Week – Debrief    Vice-Chair Skibby commented that the Ashland Cemetary tour had about 16 people in spite of the rain.  There were about 35 for the Railroad District tour.  Ms. Boswell said it was disappointing that the historic home and business tours that the Chamber was organizing did not work out.  There was consensus that doing the Award Ceremony at the Community Center on Tuesday worked out well. 


B.  Review Board Schedule


June 3rd

Terry, Keith, Henry

June 10th

Terry, Allison

June 17th

Terry, Allison, Dale

June 24th

Terry, Sam, Tom

July 1st

Terry, Alex, Tom      

July 8th

Terry, Keith, Dale


C.  Project Assignments for Planning Actions – Added 550 East Main


160 Helman (Batzer-Comm Bldgs) {Recession Extension approved)}




175 Lithia Wy (formerly 165 Lithia) Archerd & Dresner-Mixed Use Bldg – (Expires 7/25/10)



165 W Fork – New SFR on hillside (Ashley Jensen) (Permit approved-not issued; expires 8/10/10. )



568 E Main St (McKechnie) Cucina Biazzi enclosed dining area (Permit approved-not issued; expires 8/10/10. )



426 A St (Sidney Brown) Mixed Use Bldg  (No permit yet; expires 8/28/10)



155-157 Sixth St (Renwick) Addition (under construction)



255 E Main (Ashland Elks) Balcony on rear  (No permit yet; expires 8/27/10.)



163 N Pioneer (Intatto Coffee) Coffee shop & roaster  (TCO issued 3-17-10)



175 N Pioneer (Deli) Terrell   (no permit)



550 E Main (Thomashefsky) Hotel/motel – potential window/door replacements (no permit)



820 C St (Ellison) Accessory Structure



300 Vista (DeBoer) Elevator





  1. Ordinance Update – Mr. Sibilger reviewed some of the changes to the City code that standardizes the rules for all of the Commissions and Boards.  Included was making the role of the Council liaison an ex-officio, non-voting position; requiring a majority of the regular members for a quorum; requiring that Chair positions be rotated every two years beginning in January; more than two unexcused absences in a 6-month period shall be considered inactive and the position vacant.  Mr. Skibby asked when this ordinance starts and Mr. Sibilger said 30 days from Council approval.
  2. Mr. Giordano thanked Mr. Sibilger for his regular attendance to the Historic Commission meetings.
  3. Mr. Severson said he had discussed a gun club tour with the Planning Director and Mr. Molnar preferred that the Commission wait until there was a Council item on the agenda and then plan the tour to include George Kramer and the environmental expert.  The Commissioners agreed.
  4. Mr. Skibby suggested the Historic Commission send a Thank-you letter to the Elks Club for the tour and use of their facilities for our meeting.  Mr. Severson said he would draft up a letter.
  5. The date for the next Historic Commission meeting was incorrect on the agenda and should be July 7, 2010.
  6. “Hosting” the Elks Club dinner would be added to the August agenda.  Mr. Severson said he would clarify what that means.




It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 p.m.

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