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Public Arts Commission (View All)

Regular Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 20, 2009


Public Art Commission

November 20, 2009

Regular Meeting


Commissioners:  Bussell, Edson, Markell, Wynkoop, Wilkerson, Pugh, Seltzer (staff liaison)


Absent: Baker, Voisin (council liaison)



Nancy Parker and Jean Bakewell žu Peace Wall

Sue Yeoman žu Street Pennants


Chair Bussell called meeting to order at 8:20 a.m.


Citizen Issues/Peace Wall

Nancy Parker and Jean Bakewell request the Public Art Commission act as the applicant for a grant from the Carpenter Foundation for $5000 for the Peace Wall.


Baker explained the Peace Wall group has applied for a number of grants and continues to fund raise to complete the Peace Wall.  The Carpenter Foundation is supportive of the grant request but requires the entity who will own the art submit the application.


Baker has drafted the application and presented a list of ”°loose ends”± needed from the PAC.  The PAC voted to act as the applicant and will forward to Parker the items needed to complete the grant.  Parker will send the completed draft to the PAC for review prior to the PAC December meeting.


Citizen Issue/Street Pennants

Sue Yeoman, Ashland resident reported to the PAC of a possible public art project involving street banners.  She recently travelled to St. Claire Michigan where the community had solicited designs for street pennants.  Of the 142 designs submitted, the selection panel selected 20 for display and of those 20 nine were from students ages 10 to 18.  She thinks this would be a good project for Ashland.


The PAC agreed to keep it on the list of possible future projects.  Seltzer explained the City is in the process of developing a street pennant policy. 



The October minutes were approved with corrections.


Park Policy

Bussell provided an update of her meetings with the Parks Commission and the Alice Hardesty gift.  The PAC recognizes that other commissions have established policies and suggest meeting and working with those commissions to incorporate public art into their policies.  Bussell and Seltzer hope to meet with members of the Park Commission in the coming weeks.


Right of Way Guidelines and Public Art

Seltzer gave a brief explanation of how the recent adoption of the Right of Way Guidelines and Functional Items might impact Public Art. 


City Council Art Display

Wilkerson and Edson gave a brief update on the Sweatfree art exhibit in council chambers.  While not many people visited the location it was agreed that the art did enhance Council Chambers.  The PAC agreed ti needs to develop a policy and guidelines should it decide to include interior public art in the future.  This item will be added to the list of possible future projects.


Utility Box Update

Markell and Edson identified boxes for future painting located in the downtown area.  Wynkoop suggested that for the next round artist be given the funds to purchase their own paint rather than the PAC purchasing the paint in bulk.  General agreement on this idea.  Next step is to determine funding for the project.  Possibly applying for a grant from JCCC for 2011.  Wynkoop and Voisin are researching the possibility of securing funds from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and will keep the PAC apprised as they gather information.


Gallery Guide

Bussell and Markell are working on an article for inclusion in the December issues of the Ashland Gallery Guide.  Bussell has created a draft outline.


Discussion on Goals

There was some discussion on having commission retreat separate from a regular meeting for the commission to brainstorm both long term and short term goals and to review the current list of goals in the Master Plan.


List of Possible Future Projects

Utility Boxes

Goal Setting

Interior Art Policy and Guidelines

Street Pennants


Meeting adjourned at 9:45


Next meeting:

Friday, December 18 and Friday, January 15

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