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Public Art Commission Minutes, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


Public Art Commission

February 20, 2009

Regular Meeting


Commissioners:  Bussell, Longshore, Wilkerson, Pugh, Edson, Seltzer (staff liaison)


Absent: Markell, Wynkoop, Voisin (Council liaison)




Darrell Boldt, Sue Springer, Jean Bakewell


Vice Chair Bussell called meeting to order at 8:20 a.m.


Citizen Issues:



Minutes approved for January 16 M/S Edson/Pugh


Peace Tiles

Sue Springer presented three different concepts of a Peace Banner to run on top of the retaining wall at the Ashland Public Library.  The tile panels will be mounted on a steel frame supported by metal posts.  The posts will be cemented into holes core drilled into the top of the concrete retaining wall.  The back side of the metal framework will be sheet metal to conceal the backs of the cement board panels and will be painted to blend into the landscape.  The metal frame will be powder-coated for durable protection.  The panels will be bolted to the frame work in such a way that will discourage theft but will enable the panels to be removed for repair.  The metal frame work will be made in 8’ sections with three posts each for ease of installation and once installed; the sections will create a continuous flowing work of art.

The Commission discussed the various designs and agreed that the “banner” wave was preferable to the “amoeba” or rectangle shape style.  It was suggested that the retaining wall be stained either a blue, green or earth tone color to blend into the landscape.  Some discussion about the original timeline and it was suggested the timeline be revised with an installation timed for International Peace Day on September 21.  M/S Wilkerson/Longshore to move forward with the new location.


This item will be on the Council agenda for March 3.


Seltzer will send a letter to the Historic Commission from the PAC thanking them for their input and to advise them of the new location.


Utility Box Project

Brief discussion about the Utility Box project and the draft Call to Artists.  Wilkerson suggested it should require artist to submit a brief narrative on how their proposal “reflects Ashland”.  Longshore will tweak the Call for Artists and meet with the subcommittee to determine how many boxes can be accommodated within the constraints of the budget. 


Update on Planning Commission review of PAC memo re: 3-D signs

Bussell advised the group that in the draft new sign code, public art is exempt but 3D signage is still included.  The PAC will send a lietter to the Planning Commission thanking them for the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.


Review Timeline/assignments

Seltzer reviewed the timeline with the PAC looking forward for five months.  The timeline is fluid and changes depending on how the projects are moving forward.


Calle Update
Seltzer reported she has not received any submissions for the Calle project.  Deadline is February 27.  It was decided that if no submissions are received the PAC could invite a sculpture to display their work. 


Next Meeting Date

Friday, March 20, 2009 8:15 a.m.


Meeting adjourned 9:35 a.m.

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