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Public Arts Commission (View All)

Public Art Commission

Friday, November 21, 2008


Public Art Commission

November 21, 2008

Regular Meeting


Commissioners:  Markell, Bussell, Longshore, Wilkerson, Pugh, Wynkoop, Seltzer (staff liaison), Hardesty (council liaison)






Libby Epson, PAC commissioner to be appointed in December

Darrell Boldt Peace Tiles

Jean Bakewell, Peace Tiles

Sue Springer, Peace Tiles


Chair Markell called meeting to order at 8:20 a.m. 


Citizen Issues:



Minutes approved for September M/S Bussell/Pugh



Police Chief Terry Holderness spoke to the PAC on vandalism based on the four principle of environmental design: 1) place objects in natural surveillance spaces.  Holderness explained items placed where there is foot traffic, vehicle traffic, activities etc. is less likely to be vandalized. 2) Place objects in defensible space.  Holderness explained objects located in defensible spaces e.g. in front of a business, in a front yard in a plaza, etc. are less likely to be vandalized because the business owner, property owner etc. are watchful. 3) Place objects in an access controlled location.  It was explained items in an area difficult to access such as the totem pole surrounded by the iron fence are less likely to be vandalized.  4) Maintenance şu items that are vandalized should be repaired immediately.  Holderness citied the broken window syndrome:  Months might pass before a window is broken in an abandoned building.  Once the first window is broken, all of the widows are broken within a very short time.  Items should be placed in well maintained areas vs. poorly maintained areas.  Landscaping and foot traffic are great deterrents to vandalism. 


Longshore asked about placing surveillance cameras.  Holderness explained unless a surveillance camera is monitored to zoom in on a suspect, the tapes reveal nothing more than possibilities ¡°possibly a male¡± possibly Caucasian¡± etc.  He also noted that philosophically surveillance cameras are not readily accepted in Ashland.


Finally, he commented that if someone wants to vandalize something it can be done regardless of prevention measures.


Holderness will meet with appropriate city staff and walk the Calle Guanajuato area to help identify vandalism prevention measures for the Calle sculptures.


Peace Tiles

Jean Bakewell explained the evolution of the Peace Tiles.  Photographs were taken of each of the Peace banners originally hanging on the fence adjacent to the railroad property and the Central Ashland Bikepath.  The fence was severely vandalized last year and was not replaced.  Images of the banners have been transferred to 6 x 6 tiles which are weather and will not fade. 


Peace Fence supporters are interested in displaying the tiles in a public place as public art.  Artist Sue Springer of Ilahe Tile Works will assist in the assembling and placement of the tiles.  Darrell Boldt of Darrell Boldt construction will assist will the installation.


The group proposed to display the 200+ tiles on the exterior of City Hall facing the Plaza.  The tiles would be set in a frame and then screwed into the walls of the building making it easy to remove at a future date.


Funding for the project will be achieved through the ¡°sponsorship¡± of the tiles at $30 per.  Installation is scheduled for Mother¡¯s Day 2009.


The group is seeking approval and support of the project from the Public Art Commission.


There was general discussion about the project and the process.  M/S Wilkerson /Pugh to recommend the project to the City Council, motion passes unanimously.  Wilkerson, Epsom and Markell will work as a subcommittee on the project.


Draft Position Paper for Planning Commission

The PAC approved the cover letter and position paper for submittal to the planning commission with revisions.  M/S Bussell/Longshore as revised.


Calle RFP

The PAC reviewed the draft Call to Artist RFP for sculptures for the C alle Guanajuato staircase.  M/S approval Lonshore/Wilkerson.


Some discussions on the next step and how to get the word out.  Seltzer will post the RFP on the city¡¯s website in January and Bussell and Wynkoop will develop a more extensive distribution list.


Utility Box Project

The PAC received a $1500 grant from the Jackson County Cultural Trust for the utility box painting project.  Longshore briefed the group on the project and explained the 7 or 8 paintable boxes have been identified on, Lithia Way,  Oak Street and A Street with the assistance and input of the Electric Utility Director Dick Wanderscheid.  The project is called ¡°reflections of Ashland¡± and Longshore and Markell will work on the next steps and timing of the project.  PAC will recommend the project to the Council in the spring.



General discussion about the upcoming six months and the amount of work the PAC will undertake.


Exit 14

Seltzer explained ODOT will solicit input beginning in January for aesthetic qualities to be incorporated into the Exit 14 overpass.  The process will continue through April or May.  Longshore and Markell will attend the meetings on behalf of the PAC.


The PAC thanked Alice Hardesty for her support of the Public Art Commission and her efforts on behalf of public art in Ashland.


Next meeting dates:

December 19, 8:15 a.m.


Meeting adjourned: 9:45


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