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Citizens Library Advisory Committe

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Citizen’s Library Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

April 24, 2008

City Council Chambers

4:00-6:00 pm



Churchman, Vavra, Keil, Gibb, Batistella, Burkholder, Mayor Morrison, Seltzer (city staff liaison), Blossom (library staff liaison)





Guests: Jim Bradley, Friends of Talent Library, Ann Guevara, head of Jackson county Branch Libraries, Denise Galarraga Director Jackson county Libraries.


Guest Speaker:  Danny Jordan, County Administrator


I. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.  Members introduced themselves.


II. Citizen Issues:



III. Approval of minutes: Burkholder/Gibb all in favor.


IV. Presentation re: County Funding

Vavra introduced County Administrator Danny Jordan.


Jordan provided the background of the county funding crisis of last year which led to the closure of the libraries. 


Since that time he has restructured the budget and is confident that there are sufficient funds to continue providing the current level of services not only for libraries but for public safety, roads etc over the next four years even without federal funds.  His recommendation to the county budget committee is to continue to fund at the current level of services, but he reminded the group that they could decide whether or not to allocate the funds.  The County Budget Committee has approved the proposed budget.  The County Commissioners will vote on the proposed budget in June.


Jordan told the group that he expects to receive information in June regarding another year of O&C funding.  Again, he reminded the group that there is no guarantee those funds will be used for the library system.


Burkholder asked if O&C did become available would the county increase the level of library services.  Jordan replied that he would not recommend that action because it would not be sustainable and eventually the service levels would have to drop when federal funds were no longer available.


Morrison asked Jordan what his sense was of the budget committee position on library funding.  Jordan replied that if federal funds are received, he doubts the budget committee will cut the allocated library funds from the general fund, but again reminded the group, that they could do so.


Batistella asked if we (the county) needs a new revenue stream.  Jordan replied yes, if we want improved services.  We don’t need new money if we are happy with the current level of services.  However, in his opinion the current level of services are not adequate.  He explained that relying solely on property tax is always risky.  There should be a diverse mix of funding in addition to property tax such as a sales tax and/or income tax.


He does feel confident that the county now has a solid budget foundation from which to work.


Jordan was asked if the county has looked at other library funding models such as ones in other Oregon counties.  He has and explained that a different model of county library funding requires buy in from all fifteen branch jurisdictions and he believes that there must be joint cooperation between the county and cities for a long term library funding solution.  The county cannot impose additional fees for library funding unless all the incorporated cities agree; however, cities can impose surcharges to offset costs as was done in Talent.


Other than Ashland and Talent no other incorporated city has “stepped up” to provide for additional library services.


Vavra thanked Jordan for his time.


CLAC discussion on recommended levy amount.

The group discussed the four-year levy amount they should recommend to the council.  Seltzer advised the group that factoring in a 3% increase each year for LSSI, levying 22 cents/$1000 assessed would be sufficient to cover enhanced library services each year through 2013. 


Keil made a motion to recommend to the City Council that a levy be placed on the November 2008 ballot requesting 25 cents/$1000 assessed value for a period of four year levy.  Second by Churchman.  Roll call vote: Keil yes, Gibb yes, Vavra yes, Batistella yes, Churchman yes, Burkholder yes.  Motion passed.


If the levy passes, the city will levy the funds beginning July of 2009.


Brief discussion on CLAC presentation to the council on May 5.  Vavra, Churchman and Keil will meet with Seltzer to discuss.


Meeting adjourned: 6:00 p.m.


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