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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Regular Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2008


Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room





At 7:10 pm, Chairman Dale Shostrom called the regular Historic Commission meeting to order.


Historic Commissioners Present: Dale Shostrom, Terry Skibby, Henry Baker, James Watkins, Allison Renwick, Keith Swink, Alex Krach, Sam Whitford

Absent  Commission Members:   Tom Giordano

Council Liaison: Eric Navickas, absent

High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Planner: Angela Barry; Clerk: Billie Boswell




Mr. Whitford moved to approve the minutes of the April 2, 2008 meeting.  Mr. Watkins seconded the motion and they were approved unanimously.






A.   Planning Action #: 2008-00353

Subject Property: 215 Fourth Street

Owner/Applicant:  Ashley Jensen

Description:  Request for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a private dance school and for a Variance to the required number of parking spaces and a Variance to the required proximity for offsite parking for a property located at 215 Fourth Street. 


Chairman Shostrom read the description and verified there were no conflicts of interest or ex parte contacts.  Four Commissioners made site visits.  Ms. Barry explained the applicant was eliminating four apartments on the second floor to create dance studio.  The two remaining apartments would be remodeled.  The dance school would offer group classes only in the evening and a parking agreement for a lot at Fourth and A streets was obtained.  There were no further questions of staff.


The applicant, Ashley Jensen, 153 Fork Street, described the first floor businesses, the plans for the dance studio and two apartments and the parking arrangements.  There were no further questions of the applicant.


There being no one in the audience wishing to speak, Chairman Shostrom closed the public hearing.


Mr. Watkins stated he was not in favor of the project because of the loss of more affordable housing.  Mr. Skibby felt it was important to allow businesses to upgrade in order to protect the historic building.  He also pointed out the building was in an E-1 zone.  Mr. Swink did not feel there would be a negative impact to the neighborhood. Mr. Whitford complemented the applicant on her efforts to save the building.  Ms. Renwick did not feel parking in the neighborhood would be a problem in the evenings.  Mr. Krach confirmed with the applicant that the apartments had already been demolished prior to submitting for the planning action and obtaining permits.  She said they had.


Mark Knox, from the audience, recommended a condition be included to allow the second floor to be converted back to up six apartments in the future.


Mr. Skibby moved to recommend approval of the proposal as presented, with the suggestion the Planning Commission attach a condition that if, at some point, a future owner would want to change the use back to residential the Commission would support this and that the building could revert back to its historic use of six residential units without requiring a Variance to parking. It was seconded by Mr. Whitford.  The motion passed 7-1 with Mr. Watkins against it.




A.      Building Permit #2007-01764

      Subject Property:  160 Helman

      Owner:  James Batzer


Ms. Barry explained that the applicants had revised their plans again to more closely reflect the original plans approved during the Planning Action process. Overall the Commission was happy with the changes that were made and commented specifically that:

  • The windows more closely match those approved and are much more attractive than the ones in the previous drawings
  • The block is a big improvement on the imitation stone that was previously shown
  • The stucco on the south elevation is okay and is what the Commission suggested at their last meeting
  • The metal corrugated roof is much more in keeping with the area than the previously shown imitation slate tile roof
  • The increase in height is real but none of the commission members felt that it was an issue
  • Restoring the roof pitch of the front building in the south elevation to 6 in 12 was good


 The Commissioners felt there were still modifications needed and made the following recommendations:

  • Brick is still listed on the plans as "Homestead Used" brick veneer. Commission wants the brick to be "Caribe" to match the sample brought in by the applicant. (The Caribe is a smooth-faced commercial-looking brick while the Homestead is a rustic weathered-looking brick.)
  • Garage doors should be wood, and applicant indicated that they were, although they are listed on the plans as "wood look"
  • Corrugated roof should be darker gray oxidized "zinc" color instead of shiny aluminum color
  • Remove the face window on the west elevation adjacent to the courtyard. Instead add visual interest by offsetting the wall a few inches, or creating a "window" using relief or cover area with large plant.
  • On south elevation place some vines in notches along the building to grow up the side of the building
  • Upper awnings should project 42 inches as shown in the original drawings to match the large scale of the building
  • Place another canopy over the door on the plaza to break up the height of this wall and make the plaza more human scale.
  • Go back to wood siding for the smaller garage portion only on the south elevation. Offset the connecting wall slightly to make the two buildings and the connecting wall distinct from on another.


B.     Review Board Schedule


May 8th

Keith, Keith, Alex

May 15th

Terry, Henry, Dale

May 22nd

Terry, Tom, Allison

May 29th  

Terry, Sam, James

June 5th  

Terry, Keith, Alex


C.     Project Assignments For Planning Actions – No assignment was made because the new action reviewed did not include any exterior changes.


PA #2004-138

234 Vista St (Sid & Karen DeBoer) Upper Poolhouse {Permit Expired)



820 “C” Street (Randy & Helen Ellison) (Temp C of O issued)



11 First St (Ron Yamaoka) (under construction)}



145 EMain/150 Lithia Wy (Urban Dev Serv/SERA Arch) {No Struc final}



125 Sherman Street (Russ Dale) {Under construction}



175 North Main (First Methodist Church Remodel) {Complete)



160 Helman (Batzer-Comm Bldgs) {New Bldg App recd-in review}



25 N Main Street (Sandler – Masonic 3rd Sty Addn) {No Bldg Permit}



237 Almond Street (Don Sever – ARU) {Under Construction}



80 Wimer Street (Thomas Petersen – Kitchen Addition) {Complete}



485 A St (Hoxmeier –Mixed Use) {No structural final)



542 A St (Gremmels/Delgado – Rebuild Shed  {Permit in review}



D.                 Historic Preservation Week “This Place Matters – George Kramer will speak on “Why This Place Matters”.  Keith and Henry will set up lobby case.


E.                 Parks Archive Project – Mr. Swink, Ms. Renwick and Mr. Whitford toured Park Department’s basement archived with Jay Leighton and Suzanne Warner.  Ms. Warner said she would send criteria and guidelines for what to keep and how to keep it.  She would also look into funding availability.


F.                  Lithia Springs National Register Nomination – No report


G.                Single Family Residential Design Standards – No report


H.                 Co-Sponsorship with Conservation Commission for Fall Workshop – No report



DISCUSSION ITEMS – Mr. Skibby shared information about the Lithia Park Centennial and said he would be providing pictures for the 4th of July celebration.


Chairman Shostrom asked who is responsible for approving public art and/or pedestrian benches in the Historic Districts?  Ms. Barry said she would research.


NEW BUSINESS – Ballots were cast for Historic Commission Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.  Results were Chair: Shostrom; Vice Chair: Skibby; and Secretary: Krach. 



The next Historic Commission meeting will be on June 4, 2008 at 7:00 pm in the Siskiyou Room.



It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 p.m.

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