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Citizen Library Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Citizen¡¯s Library Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

March 13, 2008

Guanajuato Room, Ashland Public Library

4:00-6:00 pm



Ashworth, Churchman, Vavra, Keil, Gibb, Batistella, Seltzer (city staff liaison), Blossom (library staff liaison)






Jim Bradley, Friends of Talent Library, Kit Leary, OSF Archivist


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.


M/S Keil/Ashworth approval of the agenda.


Citizen Issues:

Vavra invited Jim Brady to speak.  Brady indicated that he is attending the meeting on behalf of the Friends of Talent Library and either he or another member will attend all CLAC meetings in the future.  He expressed the Friends interest in forming an alliance with the CLAC given the shared interest in keeping libraries open.


Vavra added an item to the agenda to discuss CLAC appointing official liaisons to the committee.


M/S approval of February 14 minutes with corrections, Churchman/Ashworth, M/S approval of February 28 minutes with corrections, Keil/Ashworth.


Gibb asked for background information on the discussion at the previous meeting re: Jackson County Library Advisory Committee marketing campaign.  Vavra gave a brief update.


Gibb asked what the impact to the Ashland library might be if a county wide levy failed in 2010.  Keil commented that if the levy fails, Ashland needs to have a contingency plan such as forming a special district.  It was noted that this issue needs to be discussed at a future meeting.


Report on Open House/Public Hearing April 23

Keil and Ashworth had met previously to discuss the open house and public hearing. Keil reported the Open House will be held at the library from 11:00 şu 5:00.  Two CLAC members will be at the library to elicit specific input from library users.  A single page handout will be available that summarizes the work of the CLAC ¡°where we are¡± and ¡°how we got here¡±.  The handout will be available at the Open House and in the library a week prior as an advertising tool for the Open House.  The handout will also be posted on the city¡¯s website advertising the Open House.


The evening event will be a special meeting of the CLAC to include a public hearing.  CLAC will contact various library supporters to present prepared testimony (5 minutes each) and invite the general public to testify (3 minutes each).  The purpose of the public hearing is to elicit citizen input on the proposed extension of the current levy and get a sense of how much the levy amount should be.  The meeting will begin with a 10 minute presentation on the work of the CLAC.


Gibb asked how this input will help get the CLAC to determine a dollar amount for the levy.  Batistella asked for clarification on a two year levy and a four year levy.


Vavra requested the discussion wait until after hearing from Batistella on the Outreach/Publicity planned for the events.


Batistella provided a draft flyer and draft publicity plan which included key messages, potential invited individuals and media outlets.  Keil suggested adding Juli diChiro and the Ashland Coalition members to the list.


Discussion on other methods to get the word out about the events.  M/S approval to officially request the City waive the fee to hand a banner on Main Street. 


Batistella asked how much outreach must occur between now and May 5 versus outreach between now and November.


Vavra expressed the need to do outreach now and later.  The community needs to feel they are involved early in the process to help shape the recommendation and so they feel connected to the issue by the November election.


Discussion about the amount of the levy.


The committee is divided: some feel the levy should be for ¡°up to 58 cents¡±, others feel it should not be more than 25 cents others feel the amount cannot be determined until after the public input.


The group recognized it will be difficult for the CLAC and for the public to determine the need since it is unclear what will happen after June of 2010.  The Ashland levy provides supplemental funds for the Ashland library which includes additional weekly hours, three full time employees and outreach services.  The levy expires in June of 2009, but the county funds continue for another year.  CLAC is sensitive to the importance of a county wide levy and does not want to inadvertently send the message that Ashland is preparing to ¡°go it alone¡±.


The countywide levy will be on the November 2010 ballot.  It is unknown whether the County will fund the library for FY2010-2011.  If the 2010 levy passes taxes can be collected in FY2011.  Will the county fund the library for an additional year until the taxes area available?  If the levy fails, how will Ashland fund its library?


Keil clarified the ballot language must be a fixed amount or a fixed rate and can include the phrase ¡°up to¡±.


Vavra invited the guest to comment on the group discussion.  Leary commented that during the last campaign it took a great deal of explaining to people that the City would only collect 25 cents even though the ballot indicated 58 cents.  She felt it was confusing and supports setting a levy amount of 58 cents.  Brady commented that Ashland needs a best guess on the amount to fund a stand alone library and that the CLAC should not be concerned about alienating the rest of the county.


Keil suggested the CLAC consider two measures: one for 25 cents to supplement the county funds and one for an amount needed to fund a stand alone Ashland library.  Keil did not encourage group discussion and suggested CLAC think about it for a future discussion.


Vavra asked the group to read and comment on her draft announcement.  M/S Keil Churchmanto authorize Vavra and Batistella to make any necessary changes to the draft and submit the announcement without further group review.

Vavra invited the group to discuss the possibility of setting a policy to appoint official liaisons to the CLAC from other communities.  Brief discussion and then tabled due to time constraints.


Next meeting: March 27


Meeting adjourned: 6:05 p.m.


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