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Housing Commission Minutes 9/27/2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007



September 27, 2008



Chair Bill Street called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. at the Community Development and Engineering Services Building, 51 Winburn Way, Ashland, OR  97520.


Commissioners Present:


Commissioners Absent

Carol Voisin


Steve Hauck

Bill Smith


Regina Ayars

Aaron Benjamin



Richard Billin


Council Liaison:

Bill Street, Chair


Alice Hardesty, Absent




Staff Present:


SOU Liaison:  None

Brandon Goldman, Housing Specialist



Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk








There were no minutes available to approve.



Ambuja Rosen – Ms. Rosen made a presentation in support of the campaign for Tethering Ordinance.  Ms. Rosen feels that the Housing Commission has a duty to advocate for safe and humane housing not just for Ashland’s human animals but the non human animals as well.  The proposed Ordinance would limit tethering, require that adult cats and dogs have at least a 97 square foot enclosure as their primary dwelling, require that domesticated animals have access to either free flowing water or a container that cannot be tipped over and when forced to sleep outside in an unheated shelter when the weather gets below 50 degrees it will be required to have dry clean bedding for the animal.  Ms. Rosen feels it is appropriate for the Housing Commission to endorse their campaign and asked them as individuals (not Commissioners) to sign her petition. 


Smith asked how this Ordinance would be enforced.  Ms. Rosen stated it would be on a complaint driven basis.  Street asked about a website to review the public Ordinance as well as a list of Cities that have adopted an Ordinance similar to this one.  She will send the information to Brandon who will then forward it to the Commissioners. 



Subcommittee Report

        Education & Finance –Voisin reported that they met and discussed the upcoming Housing Trust Funds meeting to be held on October 30, 2007 at Ashland Springs Hotel.

Land Use No report   


Liaison Reports

Council Council liaison was not present.  Goldman reported that at the October 2nd Council Meeting the second reading of the Condo Conversion process will continue as well as the review of Council authorization to issue a request for qualifications for the development of the Clay Creek property.  This is a two acre parcel behind the Ashlander Apartments acquired by Parks in which they can do five affordable units on.


Goldman noted that the Parks Department and the Council have discussed acquiring the 10 acre parcel adjacent to the YMCA ball fields for the purpose of creating a park and affordable housing.  The original development was to put 120 Units on the entire property.  They are now looking at using half of the property for a Park.


Parks – No report.


Schools Street is continuing to work with School Board Members.  The Board is in the process of setting their goals.  Street commented that it is the intent of some members of the Board to place workforce housing on their list of goals though they do not have a consensus yet.


Planning Benjamin reported that at the Planning Commission Study Session they didn’t really touch on Housing.  Mainly talked about the Riparian Ordinance and Arterial Setbacks.  Goldman confirmed the Planning Commission did receive the Housing Commissions recommendations which will then be forwarded along to the Council. Benjamin said the Commission also talked about the Crowman Site project.  Goldman anticipates they will start having meetings by the end of the year and that the consultant has probably been selected at this point. 


Tripartite No meeting/no report. 



Goldman provided the annual CAPER report.  Goldman announced that any audience member that would like to speak to Ashland’s Performance in regards to the use of the $200,000 they received in CDBG funds could do so at this time. No one came forward.  Goldman commented that the CDBG money can be applied to any of the fourteen goals but given the limited amount they get it is typically limited to just a few projects.  One Social Service project and one Affordable Housing project is how they have typically awarded them. 


Goldman reviewed the expenditure of the CDGB money. 

Ashland Community Land Trust purchased property last year at 404 and 408 Bridge Street with $328,000 in CDGB funds of a $399,000 purchase price.  They acquired an existing duplex.  They also received a Planning Approval for a variance to reduce the driveway width to get to the back of the property allowing two more units.  After they finish their project on Garfield Street they will then break ground on Bridge Street working with Habitat for Humanity as a development partner. 


The Social Service grant went to Inner Faith Care Community of Ashland.  They hired someone late in the year instead of July which then limited the service they provided and the amount of the $32,000 they were awarded that they can draw down.  Goldman noted that after looking at their income information that they paid to that individual they could be eligible to $23,000 worth of reimbursement out of the $32,000.  The difficulty is that they have not provided any of the reporting for the clients that they served which is a CDBG requirement. Without the information they cannot make a disbursement of CDGB funds.  Goldman is waiting on the reports from them. 


HUD has recommended to the legislature to stop entitlement to small communities.  Taking all the small communities off the table and giving the funds to the State to disburse. 


Goldman acknowledged two programs that the City of Ashland provides. 

A Low income energy assistance program.  Goldman stated that the City gave out $88,000 in direct subsidy to people of low incomes to help them with their electric bills. 


The City contributed during 2006 & 2007 a total of $290,000 directly to RVTD. 



Goldman gave the history of this project.  He said that he started as the Housing Program Specialist for the City of Ashland in November of 2004 and at his first meeting this was a topic of discussion.  The RFP went out in February of 2005 and it took about a year to select the applicant.  Council gave a green light to the project in August 2006 and wanted to see a development agreement.  That development came back to them in December of 2006 and was approved on December 19th.  From the City’s perspective that’s the point at which they turned over the development to the development team. The Development Team was to come forward with a funding mechanism part which was incumbent upon receiving a $700,000 grant from the State Home program in order to develop the 10 affordable units.  The Commercial and the market rate units would help subsidize the affordable units and the underground parking.  Kendrick Enterprise, the Commercial Developer, did not submit an application for funds in February 2007.  They then did not meet the July 2007 application deadline. 


Goldman stated that the bigger issue was that communication was always prompted by the City or the State.  The development team was looking at each other not necessarily as partners but competing interests for the same development.  There was a lack of coordination between the team members. Goldman stated that they could apply for funds in February 2008 but highly unlikely they could break ground in June of 2008. 


The Commissioners discussed the problems and why this project became difficult. 

Goldman said the next step will be defined by Council at their October 2nd meeting.


Goldman gave options for the Council to review.

            Resend the developer agreement          

Reissue the request

Consider the sale of Lithia Lot and direct the proceeds for affordable housing

            Issue an RFP for an alternative parking lot or a combination of those two


Voisin made a motion that they recommend to the Council that they take staff recommendation and resend the offer of the developer agreement. 


The Commissioners discussed this motion.  Benjamin commended that conceptually this project could lead Ashland into the future.  He would like to see this project go ahead.  Voice Vote:  approved by majority vote.


Benjamin/Street m/s to issue a request for proposals for development for affordable Housing over the existing public parking lot. 

Voice Vote:  unanimously approved.



OHCS- Street said that he is hoping Larry Medinger will be able to come to the October meeting to report on his work at the State Housing Council. 



                Education – October 3, 2007 @ 5:00 p.m.

Finance – October 9, 2007 @ 5:30 p.m.

Land Use Committee – October 10, 2007 @ 11:00 a.m.

Regular Meeting – October 25, 2007 @ 5:30 p.m.


ADJOURNMENT – The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by,

Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk


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