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Housing Commission Minutes 1/24/2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007



JANUARY 24, 2007



Chair Bill Street called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. at the Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street, Ashland, OR.


Commissioners Present

SOU Liaison

Bill Street, Chair

Liz Peck

Sunny Lindley, absent

Carol Voisin

Council Liaison

Aaron Benjamin

Cate Hartzell, absent

Steve Hauck


Regina Ayers, new member

Staff Present

Richard Billin, new member

Brandon Goldman, Housing Specialist

Absent Members

David Stalheim, Community Development Director

No absent members



1.             APPROVAL OF MINUTES

The minutes of the November 20, 2006 meeting and the December 18, 2006 meeting were approved. 



Street introduced the two newest members of the Housing Commission, Regina Ayars and Richard Billin.  He also introduced David Stalheim, Community Development Director.


3.             PUBLIC FORUM

Anyone wishing to speak concerning the Oak Knoll Golf Course may do so when that item comes up on the agenda.



Annexation Ordinance Development

Goldman explained the oversights from the previous annexation ordinance.  The revised version should allow for more flexibility concerning the following: 

a.     Flexibility within the income standards

b.     Construction standards (square footage of affordable housing units)

c.     Construction timing (when affordable units are developed)

d.     Percentage of built-out market rate units allowed

e.     Scattered or clustered development


Darcy Strahan, Regional Advisor to the Director Oregon Housing & Community Services was available for questions.  She is willing to meet with the Housing Commission when needed.


Public Comment:  Mark DiRienzo, 320 E. Main, Suite 202, Ashland, land planner and real estate developer made the following points: 

            a.         Qualifying applicants – He would like to see the City take an aggressive role in handling the qualification paths.  It is daunting for developers.

            b.         Percentage of affordability – Encourage developers with a density bonus.

            c.         He would encourage scattered affordable housing. 

            d.         Period of affordability – rental or “for purchase” – don’t complicate it.

            e.         Timing of construction – It can be burdensome.

            f.          Cash in lieu of built affordable housing.


Goldman will draft ordinance language and bring it back to the Housing Commission for further discussion.


The Commission agreed to extend the meeting to 8:00 p.m.  Street finished the other agenda items before going back to Agenda Item 5. 


6.             REPORTS AND UPDATES - The Reports and Updates are included in the packet.


7.             COMMISSION COORDINATION – Street reviewed and there were no comments.


8.             FUTURE MEETING AGENDA ITEMSContact Street if there is anything to add.


5.             NEW BUSINESS

Discuss potential redevelopment of Oak Knoll Golf Course as “Lithia Park East” and mix of market rate and workforce housing. (Street)


At last month’s meeting, Street proposed the Commission have a brief discussion about the potential of using the Oak Knoll golf course property for affordable housing and recommended to the Parks Department and City Council that they look at that possibility.  This is an idea that has come up a few times over the last couple of years.   The Commission reviewed information about Oak Knoll produced by Rich Rosenthal, Chair of the Parks Commission.  Rosenthal’s report is available on the City’s website.  Street said a portion of the land could be used for market rate housing, affordable housing and a park.  In order to finance such a project, it would take local, state, federal and private funding.  This is just one of several properties the Housing Commission is considering. 


PUBLIC INPUT      N = Neutral            O = Opposed        P = Proponent


Ron Roth, 6950 Old Highway 99 S.   (N)

David Wilkerson, 1120 Barrington Circle (O)

Suzanne Frey, 1042 Oak Knoll Drive (O)

Eric Campbell, 768 Park Street (O)

Allen Baker, 1042 Oak Knoll Drive (O)

Mike Morrison, 737 N. Laurel  (O)

Ron Tracy, 1138 Augusta Court (O)

Christina Bagi, 929 Cypress Point Loop (O)

Ronald Corallo, 805 Indiana  (O)

Tom O’Rourke, 742 Fairway Court (O)

Dottye D. Nahirny, 2880 Wedgewood Lane (O)

George Cota, 4300 Highway 66  (O)

Jms. Renteria, 614 Oak Knoll Drive (O)

Greg Lemhouse, 2850 Wedgewood Lane (O)

Allen Walters, 775 St. Andrews (O)

Earle Sloan, 816 Roca  (O)

Joanne Johns, 790 Acorn Circle (O)

Jerry Hauck, 847 Garden Way  (O)

Alice Hardesty, 575 Dogwood Way (P)




The Commissioners expressed their thanks to those who spoke.  The discussion was valuable.  Though the neighbors expressed things they were against, there was also an expression of those things they were in favor of such as alternate sites and alternate projects.  They heard criticisms of the existing facility as well.   The neighbors were encouraged to stay involved.  If this item is discussed further, it will be done at a public meeting.  No action was taken.


Respectfully submitted by,

Susan Yates, Executive Secretary




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