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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, October 06, 2004




October 6, 2004


Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room


Historic Commissioners Present: Dale Shostrom, Keith Swink, Tom Giordano, Alex Krach, Rob Saladoff, Terry Skibby, Jay Leighton and Henry Baker
Absent Members: Sam Whitford

Council Liaison: John Morrison (absent)
High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Maria Harris, Associate Planner, Billie Boswell, Administration





At 7:05 p.m., Chairman Dale Shostrom called the meeting to order. 


Chairman Shostrom introduced and welcomed new commissioner, Henry Baker.




Giordano moved to approve the September 8, 2004 minutes as revised. With a second by Leighton, the motion was approved with all voting aye.




Planning Action 2004-127

Conditional Use Permit

Applicant: Matt Stormont, New Heights Design

Owner: Geoff Clayton

108 Seventh Street


Most members had site visits but no ex-parte contact.  There was no conflict of interest issues.


Maria Harris explained that the Conditional Use Permit was for a cantilevered second story balcony to be built on the south side of a proposed second story addition to an existing accessory building.  The building is located on the south property line and is considered non-conforming because it does not meet the required side yard setback of ten feet along a public street.  The proposed balcony would be four feet, two inches from the side property line adjacent to C Street.  Harris said Staff believes the addition of the balcony would not create a greater adverse impact on the livability of the neighborhood and would be architecturally compatible with the mix of building types and sizes.


The applicant, Matt Stormont, said the owner wanted to use the second story addition as an artist’s studio and wished to have the balcony on the south side as an exterior sitting area with a view.  Putting the balcony on the north side would interfere with the existing tree and afford no view.


There being no one in the audience, the public meeting was closed.

Discussion by the commission members followed regarding the cantilevered design of the balcony and the tall, boxy nature of the addition. They felt both the addition and the balcony eliminated the existing historical significance of the accessory structure and did not add any new design features to enhance the historical compatibility of the structure with those currently on the property and in the neighborhood.


The public meeting was reopened and Giordano asked Stormont if he agreed to a continuance. Stormont said that he did agree to a continuance and would talk to the owner about the suggested changes to amend the design to make it more in scale and character with the existing neighborhood.  asked the applicant's rep if he agreed to a continuance and he said that he did agree to a continuance AND would talk to the owner about the suggested changes.


The public meeting was again closed.


Giordano moved to recommend a continuance of the application to the November meeting in order for the applicant and owner to consider the following design suggestions:


1.      Consider a one and a half story design for the addition to eliminate tall, boxy, top-heavy appearance.

2.      Vault interior space to maintain interior volume.

3.      Leave façade of the original building intact, retaining existing historical features.

4.      Inset balcony to eliminate cantilever design or move to north side of structure.

5.      Use a steeper roof pitch more compatible with the main house.

6.      Enlarge windows to be more in scale with size of the building.

7.      Define the west main entry with roof or porch elements.

8.      Decrease the tall, boxy shape by expanding the eaves, including a more substantial belly-band and delineating the siding and trim on new versus old.  Consider restoration of the existing siding.


Swink seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.






The commissioners discussed section 18.68.090 of the Ashland Municipal Code that states, “A non-conforming structure may be enlarged, reconstructed or structurally altered if its footprint is not changed in size or shape.”  The commission suggested staff consider revising the section to eliminate reference to “enlarge” which encourages the tall, boxy type of design.




Review Board  Following is the September schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:


October 7th 

Skibby, Swink, Saladoff

October 14th 

Skibby, Saladoff, Baker

October 21st

Skibby, Giordano, Swink

October 28th

Skibby, Krach, Whitford

November 4th

Skibby, Leighton, Shostrom



Project Assignments for Planning Actions


PA #2000-120

485 “A” Street (Steve Hoxmeier)


PA #2002-100

142 East Main Street (Earthly Goods)


PA #2003-005

35 S. Second Street (Winchester Inn)


PA #2003-092

124 Alida Street (Kirt Meyer and Vadim Agakhanov)


PA #2004-017

364 Hargadine Street (Ken Kolar)


PA #2004-026

81 Central Avenue (Wes & Lucinda Vail)


PA #2004-018

322 Pioneer Street (Al & Sandra Carlson)


PA #2004-043

246 Catalina Drive (Dr. William Rodden)


PA #2004-100

80 Wimer (Tom & Kathy Petersen)


PA #2004-102

832 “A” Street (Ilene Rubenstein)


PA #2004-110

150 Church St (Robert M. Saladoff)


PA #2004-115

724 Iowa St (Dave and Jamie Kaufman)



Co-Sponsorship with Conservation Commission for Fall Workshop – Sub-Committee of Saladoff, Swink, and Shostrom formed.  Saladoff agreed to contact Joanne Krippaehne to arrange a meeting later in November.


Possible National Register Nomination for Lithia Springs Property – Memo needed from Planning Director determining the eligibility of the Gun Club retaining their use of the property if it is listed on the National Historical Register.  Skibby asked for a packet of information on Lithia Springs be put together for Baker.  Leighton said she had the information and could provide it.


Memo to Council Regarding Authorization for Multiple Listing Survey for National Register of Historic Places

Shostrom suggested inviting Kay Attwood, George Kramer and/or Scott Clay in November to discuss which properties should be considered and the feasibility in pursuing the project.


Brown Bag Lunch Ideas – Old House Fair – Leighton will follow up.


Single Family Residential Design Standards – A sub-committee may need to be appointed to start developing standards. Postponed until November.




Krach reviewed mail and asked the Commission to consider renewing their membership with the National Historic Trust and the Historic Preservation League of Oregon.  Consensus was to approve both renewals.


Krach said the Mayor would approve any SOU student candidate the Commission selected to be appointed to serve as a non-voting Historic Commission member. Consensus was to move forward to identify candidates to begin in January.




The next Historic Commission meeting will be on November 3, 2004 at 7:00 pm in the Siskiyou Room.




With a motion by Shostrom and second by Leighton, it was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m.

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