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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

March 5, 2003



At 7:05 p.m., Chairperson Dale Shostrom called the meeting to order in the Siskiyou Room, located in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building at 51 Winburn Way. In addition to Shostrom, members present were Joan Steele, Tom Giordano, Terry Skibby, Jay Leighton, Rob Saladoff and Joanne Krippaehne. Also present were Associate Planner Mark Knox and Secretary Sonja Akerman. Members Keith Chambers and Gary Foll were unable to attend the meeting.


Steele moved and Krippaehne seconded to approve the February 5, 2003 minutes as submitted. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Planning Action 2003-014
Conditional Use Permit
310 Oak Street
ArtAttack/Justin Lockwood

Although he is not involved in this application, Giordano stepped down because he is the architect on record for this building.

Knox reported this application is for the temporary use of a portion of the building for a small live theater. Because theaters are currently not allowed in E-1 zones unless as a temporary use, the applicant will need to apply for a standard Conditional Use Permit once the City Council amends the Land Use Ordinance. Knox explained the use of a theater was inadvertently left out of the E-1 zone and to remedy this, the Planning Commission has requested the Council amend the E-1 zoning regulations to allow the use of theaters as a Conditional Use Permit. At a public hearing in February, the Council approved the amendment, however, the Findings won't be adopted until this month and an appeal period must be concluded before it becomes official. The applicant would like a six-month temporary approval so the theater will be allowed to operate in the interim.

There will be no exterior changes to the building. Knox related that several months ago, the Review Board approved the addition of three windows to the building. Interior renovation to create a "theater in the round" will include the 750 square foot portion that was once the video store. There will be 45 seats and no formal stage. Twelve parking spaces are required for this use and the existing parking lot will provide the spaces.

Skibby noted the sign permit application was reviewed last week and the sign has already been installed on the building. Since there will be no exterior changes to the building and parking is adequate, he felt the application should be approved. Leighton asked if parking would be adequate once the E-1 zone is officially amended and Knox responded 61 spaces would be required and there are currently 68 existing spaces, so there would be no problem.

There was no one in the audience to speak for or against this proposal.

Krippaehne moved and Leighton seconded to recommend approval of this application to the Hearings Board. The motion passed with all members voting aye except Giordano, who abstained.


Review Board - Following is the March schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:

March 6th

Skibby, Steele and Shostrom

March 13th

Skibby, Chambers and Steele

March 20th

Skibby, Giordano and Leighton

March 27th

Skibby, Krippaehne and Saladoff


Project Assignments for Planning Actions

PA #2000-120

485 "A" Street (Steve Hoxmeier)


PA #2001-029

455 Siskiyou Boulevard (Fire Station)


PA #2001-075

358 Iowa Street (Eva Cooley)


PA #2002-010

103 S. Laurel Street (Laura Shrewsbury)


PA #2002-021

25 Granite Street (Carol Dutra)


PA #2002-064

542 "A" Street (David Gremmels & Cary Bryant)


PA #2002-080

286 Eighth Street (John & Mary Ellen Cole)


PA #2002-075

SE Corner of "A" & Pioneer Streets (Alan Sandler)


PA #2002-094

340 Oak Street ("A" Street Marketplace)


PA # 2002-098

521 North Main Street (Scott Young Medical Center)


PA #2002-100

142 East Main Street (Earthly Goods)


PA #2002-125

44 North Second Street (Trinity Episcopal Church)


PA #2002-127

NW Corner North Main & Maple Streets Intersection (ACHF)


PA #2002-142

120 Gresham Street (Chanticleer)


PA #2002-139

266 Third Street (Third Street Partners)


PA #2003-005

35 S. Second Street (Winchester Inn)


Lithia Springs Property - Shostrom updated the Commission with information he had gathered since the last meeting. Having spoken with local historians Kay Atwood and George Kramer about the possibility of nominating the property to the National Register of Historic Places, he felt very encouraged it would be a worthy project. He will also get information from Southern Oregon Historical Society and the Southern Oregon University Anthropology Department.

Shostrom then introduced Al Alsing, former Public Works Director for the City of Ashland. Alsing agreed historical status should be pursued for the property and said he is delighted with the prospect. He noted that several years ago, the American Water Works Association designated the Lithia water fountain on the Plaza as a Historic Water Works Facility. There are only three such sites in the State of Oregon. Alsing informed the Commission that originally, wood piping was used to bring the water in to various sites in Ashland. Two-inch cast iron pipes replaced these, and now all the lines are being replaced with plastic pipes. Alsing also informed the members that Lithia water, soda water from Emigrant Lake and sulfur water were all piped to Lithia Park. Leighton added some of the water was bottled at the top of what is now the "stairway to nowhere" in Lithia Park.

Alsing said he would like to educate people about the site and encourage them to visit the Lithia Springs property. He passed around copies of historic photos depicting some of the well sites and buildings that were on the property when the water was being bottled and when dry ice was being manufactured. He said numerous wells have been dug on the property, mostly by the dry ice company (which was based in Washington State).

Knox commented he thinks the property could stand on its own as a National Register site. The City Council will first need to grant approval before initiating the nomination. He said the Council will balance all the issues regarding what is best for the community before making a decision.

Shostrom stated he had talked with Karen Smith about the Bear Creek Greenway going to the site. She informed him that while the long-range plan is to take it out by the Lithia Springs property, the current focus is on Ashland to Central Point. The Greenway is eventually designated to connect Emigrant Lake with the Pacific Crest Trail.

Shostrom also stated he looked in to the contract between the City and the gun club. The next renewal is slated for March 2008. He reported the gun club is paying $1 per year plus the property taxes so the City is not currently paying anything to own the property.

Alsing asked if the gun club could still use the property if it gained National Register status. Knox responded the club could remain; however, Shostrom stated if the property ever turned into a destination point, that use would not be compatible.

Site visits to the Lithia Springs property were scheduled for Thursday, March 6 at 2:30 p.m. and Thursday, March 13 at 4:00 p.m. Alsing will meet the members at the site.

National Historic Preservation Week (May 5-12) - The April meeting will begin at 6:00 in order to give the members time to discuss and vote on the nominations for the awards. Knox related the Oregon Heritage Conference has been cancelled due to state budgetary problems. Hopefully, it will be rescheduled in Ashland next year.

Educational Articles - Knox informed the Commission that Marketing Director Ann Seltzer has asked for short articles (photos OK too) by the Historic Commission that can be used for the City Source. She would like six articles varying in size from 300-500 words to be used as fill-in when there is available space. All the articles will be subject to editing by Seltzer. Knox offered to write an article and requested that others be turned in by June. These can be on any subject.


Proposed Plans for 9 Hillcrest Street - Due to the February 27 Review Board request, contractor Larry Medinger met with the Commission regarding the proposed additions and renovations to the home located at 9 Hillcrest Street. Knox explained the owners of the property are also applying for Special Assessment through the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Medinger stated all the windows will be replaced with Pozzi wood windows. The front facade currently has a large picture window that will be replaced with three vertical windows. He explained that parts of the house were just tacked on and do not match the original house from the outside. All the shingles will be replaced because the existing ones are in bad condition. SHPO has advised them to keep the siding, which according to Medinger, is not the same throughout the house. However, they won't know about replacing the siding until they get further along and can determine the condition. Medinger would like to keep the dialogue open on the siding issue and will invite the members to the site when they get to that point. If the siding needs to be replaced, it will either be clear wood they can have milled or will be Hardiplank. He further explained at this time, the house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Since a family will be moving in, more space is needed. A new foundation will be put under the house and the asbestos shingles will be removed. The side addition on the north side of the house is proposed under the two existing bay windows. Medinger maintained this addition will not be visible from Hillcrest Street because the house was built on the upper side of the street.

Saladoff stated he was at the Review Board meeting last week and he questioned the side (north) addition because of the introduction of a new element in the deck and roof. Medinger said a larger addition will be built in the rear of the house but it will not be visible at all from the street and SHPO is not concerned about it. Overall, Medinger assured the Commission, they will be cleaning up the house to make the exterior work. Krippaehne and Saladoff both questioned the two bay windows with the addition below, noting the addition will project out. Giordano said in his opinion, a railing would be preferable to the eyebrow on the roofline. Medinger offered to have variations drawn up in time for the Review Board meeting on March 6.


Flood Siren at the top of Bowmer Theatre - Knox introduced Associate Engineer Pieter Smeenk and passed around photos he had taken from the downtown area looking up at the siren. Smeenk explained the nine foot tall siren needs to be located high enough it will be out of harm's way and 100 feet from residences. Initially, the plan was to place the siren in the middle of the theater roof, however OSF did not want it seen from the courtyard. Smeenk said that depending on how the next test turns out, it might be possible to remove one of the modules. He agreed the current position of the siren is visible from all viewing angles downtown. Smeenk stated the manufacturer maintains the modules would not run into acoustic problems if they were painted or shrouded. The Commission decided it would be best to first try painting the modules in order to make them not so obvious. Smeenk said this could be accomplished within two months.

Carnegie Library Restoration - Referring to a letter written to Dick Wanderscheid by SERA Architect Peter Meijer regarding the exposed corner columns and cornices on the back of the building, Knox related this is a project that can be completed at a later date. Krippaehne stated it should not cost $25,000 to reproduce the decorative stucco to match the other three sides. The work would consist of breaking the sheet metal to fit the right profile and the City already has the profile. The Commission will look into this further and have sheet metal contractors give input. A memo will then be sent to the City Council. Skibby took offence to Meijer's reference to the Historic Commission feeling comfortable with the decision to not add lost historic details. He represented the Historic Commission at the meetings and is also a member of Friends of the Library. He maintained he would have never said he was comfortable with such a decision on behalf of the Commission.


Planning Intern - Knox introduced Amber Gibbon, a student at SOU who will soon become an intern in the Planning Department. Gibbon stated she has an interest in historic preservation and is hoping to work with the Historic Commission on at least one project. The members discussed helping with National Historic Preservation Week, oral history work and helping obtain National Register status for the Lithia Springs property.

180 Lithia Way - Knox explained the architect and applicant for Planning Action 2002-117 would like to get Historic Commission input on the wall facing the parking lot. Basically, the existing building will be demolished. They are proposing to demolish this wall also, then reconstruct it and put back the pilasters. The consensus of the members is that if they want to recreate the wall, it should be done to the exact specifications with the same profile that was approved last October.


It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 p.m.

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