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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

December 4, 2002



At 7:05 p.m., Chairperson Dale Shostrom called the meeting to order in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building Siskiyou Room. In addition to Shostrom, members present were Rob Saladoff, Joanne Krippaehne, Terry Skibby, Keith Chambers, Joan Steele, Tom Giordano and Jay Leighton. . Also present were Associate Planner Mark Knox, Secretary Sonja Akerman and Council Liaison Kate Jackson. Member Gary Foll was unable to attend the meeting.


With a motion by Steele and second by Krippaehne, the minutes of the November 6, 2002 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted.


Planning Action 2002-145
Conditional Use Permit
333 North Main Street
Mark and Celeste Goodman

Knox reported this application is for the transfer of ownership of the six-unit Woods House Bed & Breakfast. There have been no complaints filed against this operation and staff is recommending approval. Steele asked about the illegal AAA sign that is in front of the house and Knox said he will contact the owners about it.

There was no one present who wished to speak for or against this application.

Steele moved and Giordano seconded to recommend approval of this application. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Planning Action 2002-142
Conditional Use Permit and Site Review
120 Gresham Street
Ellen Campbell and Howard Wilcox

Shostrom appointed Krippaehne to take over the meeting for this planning action and then stepped down due to a conflict of interest.

Knox explained this application is to expand the footprint of the Chanticleer Inn by 572 square feet on the north side of the house. Constructed in 1920, this house is a fine example of a Craftsman Bungalow home and is ranked Historic Contributing in the Siskiyou-Hargadine National Register District. The addition will allow the owners to have more private space. In addition, it will allow one unit to have a patio and more privacy. The materials proposed for the addition will match the existing house. Staff is recommending approval of this application with four conditions.

There was no one in the audience who wished to speak for or against this application.

Giordano stated the owners came to a Review Board meeting with their initial proposal, listened to the concerns that were voiced and addressed them by hiring Shostrom as the designer. Knox added the owners received direction to not make the addition so obvious.

Steele asked about the windows on the left elevation and Leighton deduced the window in the bathroom will be an awning window and the one in the bedroom will be fixed. They will not be sliders.

Giordano moved to recommend approval of this application and Leighton seconded the motion. It passed with a unanimous vote. Shostrom did not participate.

Shostrom resumed as Chair.

Planning Action 2002-139
Site Review
266 Third Street
Third Street Partners, LLC

Krippaehne stepped down from this application due to a conflict of interest.

Knox explained this proposal is for the construction of a second dwelling unit on the rear portion of the property. When the owners came in initially, the design was for a large house with a steeply pitched roof. At that time, staff had concerns about the size of the house and the steepness of the roof. The design, as now proposed, is smaller and compatible with the existing house on the property and the neighborhood. The two-story house will have 1,416 square feet on the first floor and 468 square feet on the partial second story. The height of the new dwelling will be the same as the existing house. Materials and details will be similar to the existing house and period homes in the Railroad District. Knox said staff has commented this design is much better than what was originally proposed and is recommending.

There was no one in the audience who wished to speak for or against this application.

Chambers suggested rather than using sliders, awning type windows be used. He also noted the starkness of the east elevation and said that although this is the side of the garage, it would look better with a window. The Commission agreed.

Chambers then moved to recommend approval of this application with the recommendation that where windows are called out as #2, awning or casement windows be used. Also, that the architect and owner look at the bare facade of the garage and add windows to the east elevation. Steele seconded the motion and it passed with a unanimous vote. Krippaehne did not participate.


Review Board - Following is the December schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:

December 5th

Skibby, Krippaehne and Steele

December 12th

Skibby, Leighton and Giordano

December 19th

Skibby, Chambers and Saladoff

December 26th

Skibby, Steele and Shostrom

January 2nd

Skibby, Foll and Shostrom

Project Assignments for Planning Actions

PA #2000-120

485 "A" Street (Steve Hoxmeier)


PA #2001-029

455 Siskiyou Boulevard (Fire Station)


PA #2001-059

50 Sixth Street (Qwest)


PA #2001-075

348 Iowa Street (Eva Cooley)


PA #2001-088

61 Nutley Street (William Machado & Denise Byron)


PA #2002-002

472 Scenic Drive (Kirt Meyer & Vadim Agakhanov)


PA #2002-010

103 S. Laurel Street (Laura Shrewsbury)


PA #2002-021

25 Granite Street (Carol Dutra)


PA #2002-064

542 "A" Street (David Gremmels & Cary Bryant)


PA #2002-080

286 Eighth Street (John & Mary Ellen Cole)


PA #2002-075

SE Corner of "A" & Pioneer Streets (Alan Sandler)


PA #2002-094

340 Oak Street ("A" Street Marketplace)


PA # 2002-098

521 North Main Street (Scott Young Medical Center)


PA #2002-100

142 East Main Street (Earthly Goods)


PA #2002-125

44 North Second Street (Trinity Episcopal Church)


PA #2002-127

NW Corner North Main & Maple Streets Intersection (ACHF)


PA #2002-142

120 Gresham Street (Chanticleer)


PA #2002-139

266 Third Street (Third Street Partners)


Review and Discuss Goals

Knox stated that in speaking with Saladoff after last month's meeting, he suggested the Historic Commission create a mission statement that can be given or read to applicants so they better understand why certain recommendations are made. Chambers has been asked to provide a draft statement. Knox also asked the members to focus on all the good the Commission has accomplished in Ashland.

Knox then cautioned the members they will be required to remove themselves from discussions if they have publicly stated they are either for or against a project.

Shostrom noted he had written a letter to Mayor Alan DeBoer regarding the Lithia Springs/Gun Club property (copy included in packet). He said former Public Works Director Al Alsing thinks it should be National Register property. He asked the Commission for input on this and all members thought this property would be worthy of such a listing. This will be discussed further in upcoming meetings.

Also briefly discussed were potential independent listings on the National Register of Historic Places for properties outside the Historic District.


Articles in Ashland Daily Tidings on the history of Ashland - Skibby said all the members should be thinking of subjects that would make interesting articles. Steele added that publicity on historic properties with changes being proposed should also be pursued. For example, she noted most people are very interested in the different uses buildings have had in the past.

Chambers suggested brainstorming a list and added that Skibby most likely has historic photos of properties that would be on the list. Knox suggested starting with a list of structures that have received awards from the Commission. He also agreed with Steele in that applications requiring public notice involving historic buildings would be newsworthy items.

Steele mentioned that when uses change, the buildings are essentially being recycled. Leighton added that house moves would also be an interesting topic.

Tidings reporter Myles Murphy, who is soliciting input from the Commission, will be invited to the next meeting.


Proposed house on 265 Glenview Drive - Contractor/designer Don Sever met with the Commission regarding plans for the proposed 7,000 square foot house on the DeBoer property, which currently encompasses three existing houses, two on Vista Street and one on Glenview Drive. Sid and Karen DeBoer have decided not to add on to the Frank Clark House located at 234 Vista Street. The new house will replace the existing home at 265 Glenview Drive, which was built in 1988. The detached garage on Glenview will remain. When asked, Sever said three madrones will be lost, however, they will try to save the large mature madrone on the property. Sever also stated he was at the meeting to get input so he could take concerns and comments back to the owners.

Krippaehne noted the proposed solarium will work with the design, but it will need careful attention. Sever explained one elevation of the solarium was drawn with a European design and another elevation was drawn with more of a Craftsman style. The commission preferred the solarium with the Craftsman design.

Chambers remarked that while the design is attractive, the size of the proposed house is monumental. The Commission has been discussing the issue of size with the Planning Commission and City Council and everyone seems to recognize there is a need to keep homes in balance and still work for the owner. He conceded, however, that this proposal is a major step because the Clark House will not be touched.

Sever stated he agrees and understands all the issues. He has been sensitive to the owners' needs and the Historic District.

Saladoff related that in his opinion, the facade is being dictated by the inside of the house and he is also concerned with the bulk. Sever said he is trying to break up the mass by stepping back with portions of the house. Chambers noted that it would only take a little more tweaking to get a unified statement of the house.

Sever explained on the Vista Street side (which would actually be the back of the house) the first story and a half will be stucco and above that, horizontal lines and shingles will be used. Sever will bring in a color rendition with the changes he will be making.

The consensus of the Commission is that the Craftsman style solarium would be more appropriate.


There being no further business, it was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 p.m.

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