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Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission (View All)

Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Meeting Agenda
January 22, 2020 – 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Community Development Building, Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way
Note: This meeting will be recorded and uploaded to the website to accompany the minutes.
1. (6:00) - Call to Order
2. Consent Agenda
3. Announcements 
3.1. Next Regular Meeting: February 26, 2020
3.2. Upcoming Subcommittee meetings
3.3. Other Announcements from Commissioners
4. (6:10) - Public Forum to be evenly divided by public wishing to speak (10 min)
5. (6:20) - Reports/Presentations (35 min)
5.1 Community/Neighborhood Presentation (20 min)
5.2 Council Update (5 min)
5.3 Administration Update (5 min)
6. (6:55) Old Business (60 min)
6.1. Other Commission Updates (5 min)
6.2. 10 by 20 Update (15 min)
6.4. Commission Monthly Column in Sneak Preview (15 min)
Month Published  Article  Assigned To Due for Packet Due to Sneak Preview (staff)  Approved?
March History of Conservation Commission Buck/Hanks Jan. 13 Feb. 14  
April Joint CCOC and CPC Article McGinnis/Graham Feb. 18 Mar. 16  
May  Climate Emergency Declaration
Mar. 16 Apr. 20  
June Water Conservation
Water Subcommittee/
Apr. 13 May 18  
July Addressing Consumption Emissions Koopman/McGinnis May 18 Jun. 15  
TBD – What happens to recycling? (Moore/Rosenthal), Juicebox Electric Car Charger (Green), and Climate Emergency (Koopman)
6.5. Subcommittee updates (15 min)
6.5.1 Water
6.5.4 Marketing and Outreach
7. New Business
8. (7:55) - Wrap Up (5 min)
8.1. Review of Action Items
• Email Kevin Golden to connect Buck and Cooper (Hanks)
• Meet with staff about banning or phasing out single use items (Waste Prevention)
• Research leaf blower bans and possible incentives (McGinnis/Cooper)
o Check with CPC on their work on this issue
• Research adaptation actions for Community presentations (Moore)
• CPC meeting (Koopman, McGinnis, Walker, Moore, and staff)
• Electric landscaping equipment outreach (McGinnis)
• Displaying outreach materials on City TVs (McGinnis)
• Updating the Commission webpage (staff with Commission input)
• Researching grants for Tool Library (Cooper and Koopman)
• Creating a spreadsheet for outreach activities (Green and Moore)
• Checking with Ashland School District about getting a new representative (McGinnis)
• Checking with local landscapers about using electric tools (McGinnis)
• Referencing the Drawdown book for importance of various actions for neighborhood meetings (Moore)
• Researching locations for presentations (Moore)
8.2. Items to be added to future agendas
• Multifamily Recycling Ordinance Review (TBD)

Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission
The purpose of Ashland’s Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission is to support the achievement of Ashland's Community Climate Recovery Goals and conservation activities. The Commission shall actively encourage Community entities and individuals to make wise use of resources and make progress toward Ashland's Community Climate Goals as set forth in the most current City Council approved version of the Climate and Energy Action Plan.

The Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission consists of nine voting members including one representative each from the solid waste franchisee for the City, Southern Oregon University, and the Ashland School District, and six other voting members.

Powers and Duties Generally:
A. Consistent with City policies and procedures, educate and advocate for Ashland's Community Climate Recovery Goals
B. Consistent with the Climate and Energy Action Plan, make recommendations on strategies, actions, and programs related to the wise and efficient use of resources by all Ashland citizens, including: 
a. Consumption of goods and services;
b. Materials management, waste prevention, reduction, and recycling;
c. Conservation and efficient use of electricity, water, and natural resources; 
d. Promotion of community, residential, and commercial renewable resources;
e. Air quality awareness; and 
f. Climate resilience and preparedness.

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